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JBL T5 80 Watt Solar Nature Light

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Short Description

 JBL T5 39 Watt Solar Nature Light



Light as energy source :
Plants provide the aquarium with the oxygen vital for the aquarium dwellers. Plants prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens. The right full-spectrum light is important to achieve full photosynthesis. 


Easy to install :
Insert the fluorescent T5 tube socket into the fixture and turn until the tube locks into place. 


Nature as a model : 
With its light colour and its spectral distribution of the light the tube meets with 9000 K the needs of the animals and plants. It supports their growth and their photosynthetic performance. Perfect plant growth inhibits the growth of algae. The light with the colouring render index 1 A means plants and fish present themselves in their natural beauty. 



The full daylight spectrum : 
JBL full-spectrum tubes create light conditions modelled on nature and reproduce a balanced natural lighting. Tested by the IFM-Geomar Leibnitz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften and rated as very good and “Comparable to natural sunlight”. 


Correlation between light spectrum and light intensity : 
To create a very light tube you only have to intensify the yellow-green spectral range. Adding a little more red and blue will prevent the light from looking too yellow. That’s how it is done with most tubes! However, we don’t want to illuminate a living room but a planted aquarium with different demands, including ALL the spectral ranges of visible light (rainbow colours) to promote perfect growth. That’s why JBL has designed “full-spectrum tubes”, which include all the spectral ranges with NOTHING missing. In return they are slightly less light than other fluorescent tubes. The output of a tube is always 100%, but it is important to know which spectral ranges they cover!





Performance : 80 W
Length : 1550 mm
Volume packaging : 1.600 l
Gross weight : 225.000 g
Net weight :  85 g

What's in the box ?
1 x JBL T5 80 Watt Solar Nature Light


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