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Digital TDS Meter Pen

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Digital TDS Meter Water Tester Pen



Understanding TDS for aquariums:

  • The ability of water to dissolve, combine with, or suspend other elements and compounds can be helpful as a supply of necessary nutrients. Water can also be a source of trouble for the aquarist because it can contain chemicals that are irritants or toxic to aquatic organisms. Aside from overall stress, water quality is the most common cause of fish diseases. 
  • A constant level of minerals in the water is necessary for aquatic life. Changes in the amounts of dissolved solids can be harmful because the density of total dissolved solids determines the flow of water in and out of an organism’s cells. Concentrations that are too high or too low may limit the growth and may lead to the death of many fish or reefs. 
  • Authorities indicate that water of low ppm and pH control my be more desirable for breeding, though this depends on the species of fish. Since total dissolved solids content of a softened water is the same as that of the untreated raw water, a supply with a lower dissolved solids content must be gained in some other way. Blending of softened water with reverse osmosis or distilled water may produce the conditions conducive to aquatic breeding.
  • It is critical to regulate the alkalinity & buffering capacity (pH) of the water as well as the amount of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) present in your aquarium, tank or pond.



 Water Hardness



 Rec. Fish Types




 Discus / Apistogramma sp.

 Moderately Hard



 Angelfish, Severums




 Central American cichlids

 Very Hard



 African chilids / Marine fish




Range 0-999 ppm




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1 x Digital TDS Meter Pen


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