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Amano Shrimp

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Amano Shrimp

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Name  Amano Shrimp/ Yamato Shrimp/ Algae Shrimp
Scientific Name  Caridina Japonica / Caridina Multidentata
Temperature  22 - 30°C 
PH range  6 - 8 
Diet  Omnivorous 
Habitat  Fully Aquatic 
Max Size  1.5"
Origin   South Eastern Asia
Difficulty  Very Easy


History :
This shrimp has been named after the man who introduced them to the aquarium, Takashi Amano. Originally found in the wild in Japan, it has become an established freshwater shrimp.These shrimp are little cleaning machines; eating algae and anything they can scavenge. Their favorite is the soft algae. They will not, however, eat any black brush algae. By the nature of their love for algae, they will keep your tank clean. They will happily dine on food for most bottom feeding fish. They are a must have shrimps for your planted tank, and are introduces immediately after your tank is cycled.


Care :
Amano shrimp will thrive in a well balanced aquariums and is one of the easiest species, as long as the parameters are not extreme it will live happily in almost all aquariums.


Diet :
Amano Shrimp are some of the best algae eating Dwarf Shrimp in the hobby. When the Amano Shrimp is kept in larger groups it is often necessary to add extra food for the shrimp. As with most other Dwarf Shrimp, the Amano Shrimp will happily accept food intended for bottom feeding fish and any aquatic invertebrates.


Breeding :
They are not as at all easy to breed and the little shrimps are born in the form of larvae, they require saltwater in order to grow before they become freshwater shrimp. Males are differentiated from females by the lowest body stripe that runs along the entire length of the shrimp. These stripes are reddish brown in color and easy to see on their tan, transparent bodies. The line of the male consists of separated dots and the line of the female looks more like dashes along the underside of their bodies.


It is Peaceful and non-aggressive dwarf shrimp, Amano Shrimp live in harmony with other residents of the tank. It will be found mostly hunting for food and feeding very aggressivly compared to any other shrimp.




What's in the box ?
1 x Amano Shrimp




1. As with all aquatic invertebrates, it is important to make sure copper does not get into the aquarium. Copper is toxic to all Dwarf Shrimp. Many medications contain elevated levels of copper, so it is recommended not to medicate an aquarium containing Dwarf Shrimp.
2. One of the most important aspects of shrimp keeping is Acclimatization of new shrimps, this is a must and should be done properly.
3. We transport all our live stock via Train/Bus/Air, so contact us which one would you prefer. We prefer sending by train because of the cheap shipping charges and ease of shipping, the shipping charges are calculated that of train by default. To receive the parcel you will have to go to your railway station's "incoming parcel office".

4.The Risk of transportation is borne by the client, we will send you complete picture of packing and delivery of your package.

5.All our live stock are Quarantined.


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