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Complete Co2 Kit 2 kg

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Short Description

Complete Co2 Kit 2 kg



Description :
For Profession Live planted tank set use this cylinder with co2 gas carbon dioxide cylinder –co2 cylinder – 4 liter capacity with 2 kg filled co2 for live planted aquwarium.co2 helps your plants to produce starch with the help of light for your plants for better growth.Co2 cylinder in live planted aquarium helps your live nature plants to grow better and keep the live planted fish tank like a garden.




Packing dimensions and weight :


Weight 5 kg
Length 11.5 cm
Height 48.5 cm
Width 11.5 cm



Co2 Regulator with dual gauge Description :
One of the best Co2 regulators, can be used with any size co2 cylinders, made with 100% brass, with fine adjustment of co2. To be mounted without tools, precise adjustments, two pressure gauges, and pressure-relief valve.


Features :

  • Dual gauge, One for pressure gauge and another for pressure releif.
  • 100% Brass (not metal).
  • Very precise and fine adjustment of Co2.



Co2 Converter :
This is a very essential tool attached to the regulator for converting the Co2 regulator supply into a 4mm tubing Co2 supply. It is made up of 100% brass which is very good quality and has a small attachment to lock the tubing.


Characterstics :

  • Made up of Brass.
  • Converts any Indian Co2 regulator outlet into 4mm Co2 outlet.
  • Can be used with almost all Indian Co2 Regulators.
  • The Co2 pipe can be locked in the outlet to prevent leakage and ensure grip.



Co2 Piping Translucent :


  • Prevent Co2 leakage from the tubing
  • Save Co2 and long lasting
  • Standard air pipe size: 4mm internal diameter.
  • Kink-Free Desige.
  • Safe for fresh or salt water environments
  • Non-toxic and ozone freeFlexible and durable



Specifications :
Colour : Black Translucent
Internal Diameter : 4 mm


Co2 Check Valve :
Without a check valve in place, when the flow of CO2 is turned off (e.g. overnight when it's not needed) water can siphon down the tubing from your aquarium and enter your solenoid, causing it to flood, which may damage it, or require maintenance to dry out the water.  This simple item eliminates that possibility by not allowing air or water to flow in the opposite direction to which it is installed.



  • Protects from returning water.
  • For co2/o2 use.
  • Installation ensures, there is no water damage to pumps due to water blow back.


Co2 Bubble Counter :
Easy to install.  The hose mechanism is quite simple (similar to canister filters), it´s perfect to use with the  CO2 REACTOR, because it allows to control the CO2 flow, once it´s impossible to control the CO2 flow using only the reactor.



  • 2 in 1 functions: CO2 bubble counter and check valve.
  • CO2 pipe fasten screw node provided to assure burst out of the CO2 pipe.
  • Spring type check valve is the best in preventing back flow.
  • Acrylic material provides clear and easy bubble reading. Acid and break resistant.
  • Easy disassembling of the cap in filling up water.



Co2 Diffuser D-521 :

Specification :

UP Aqua - CO2 Mini Diffusor
Diffusor diameter 26 mm
Cup height 28 mm
Total height 73 mm
Fits hose for 4/6 mm




What's in the box ?
1 x Complete Co2 Kit 2 kg
(Co2 Cylinder 2 kg + Co2 Regulator with dual gauge + Co2 Converter 4 mm + Co2 Piping Translucent (6 Feet) + Co2 Check Valve Plastic + Co2 Bubble Counter Economical + Co2 Diffuser D-521)





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