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Java Moss on Coco Shell

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Java moss is the most famous moss in the aquarium hobby, due to its cost, availability and its ability to grow almost in a...




Name  Java Moss
Scientific Name  Vesicularia Dubyana 
Difficulty  Easy
Type  Moss
Temperature  24 - 30°C 
Lightning  Low to High
Growth Rate  Fast
Co2  No Co2/Low Co2


Java moss is the most famous moss in the aquarium hobby, due to its cost, availability and its ability to grow almost in any aquarium. It makes a great moss for a beginner because of it is not demanding at all. Aquascaping® decor plants make a great addition to any aquarium, no worries to set up the plant and wait for it to grow and take shape, just add Aquascaping® decor plants and your planted aquarium is ready. Makes a great addition to any aquarium.

Aquascaping® decor plant moss on Coco shell can be placed in foreground to enhance the look or few Coco Shell together can be added together to form a moss carpet instantly.



-Able to withstand a wide variety of water conditions.
-Can be tied to driftwood with sewing thread or fishing line.
-No carbon dioxide injection required for healthy growth.
-Recommended for beginners.



What's in the box ?
1 x Coco shell with moss

(Each Coco Shell has minimum moss quantity of 7.6 x 7.6 cm / 3 x 3 inches(+). The shape and size of the Coco Shell will vary since we use natural coco shells only.)



  1. We have a tie-up with the DTDC courier services and we ship plants via DTDC plus or DTDC Blue so that plants reach you within 24Hrs (Plus) or  48 Hrs (Blue) of our Dispatch. After the Dispatch, we will provide you with the tracking number for you to track your parcels at DTDC Tracking.
  2. Aquascaping will not be liable for any damage of goods, delay in parcel delivery (unless its our mistake in dispatch) .
  3. To get more information about the plant you can always google the name. This is the best way to learn about hands on experience with the plants, if you are a beginner then we suggest you only to stick to easy growing plants and eventually gain experience.
  4. Plants displayed in the pictures are grown in plant farm, hence they are grown emersed, most of them, will look different upon arrival and in under optimal conditions in your aquarium they will change their form into submerged form. Thats how plants are grown all over the world.
  5. We give 100% Live guarantee on plants, hence as soon as you receive the package and if you find any problem immediately send us the photo the same day and we will dispatch replacement for you. Plants do not get damaged for up to 4-5 days of courier, Ferns/Anubias/mosses can even survive for up to 12 days in courier without any issues. We too are hobbyists like you and understand you. 
  6. To Learn more about plants please visit our Channel:  Aquascaping Youtube: How to Videos


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