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Merah Rasbora Fish

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Short Description

Merah Rasbora Fish



Name  Merah Rasbora Fish
Scientific  Name  Boraras merah
Temperature  23 - 27°C 
PH range  5.5 - 7.2
Diet  Omnivore
Habitat  Fully Aquatic
Temperament  Pieceful
Max Size  6.0 cm


Distribution :
Appears endemic to southern Borneo. The type specimens were collected from the Jelai Bila River Basin at Nataik Sedawak, presumably a settlement of some kind, near the town of Sukamara in the Indonesian province of Kalimantan Tengah (Central Kalimantan).The full type locality is ‘Sungei Jelai Bila basin, 2°41’S, 111°13’E, Nataik Sedawak, about 30 kilometers south of Sukamara, Kalimantan Tengah, Borneo’.Its range extends westwards from the Jelai Bila watershed whereas that of the congener B. brigittae, with which it may occur sympatrically there (see ‘Notes’), extends east.


Care :
These fish need consistent water conditions, and their water must be kept clean. At least 25 to 50% of the tank water should be replaced once a month. If the tank is densely stocked, 20 to 25% should be replaced weekly or every other week. The substrate should also be vacuumed during water changes to avoid accumulation of waste.

Diet : 
Due to its tiny size and tiny mouth, it requires the smallest of foods. It does hunt very small live prey, but will take dry & frozen food easily. It will take crushed flakes, the smallest of pellets (almost powder) and thrives on Aquagreen's fish food. It will take infusoria and other tiny live foods. It does not feed near the surface, and will only feed as the food is falling.


Breeding :
They are an egg scatterer, and if provided with a mop or sufficient moss or plants, they can lay eggs, however they need to be kept from them by a division in the tank, or removal of the eggs or fish. Unlike other microfish, they will not actively hunt the eggs or fry, but they can eat them. They will also not provide any care, so removal of the parents is still the best plan.


Social Behavior :
This species is very peaceful but does not make an ideal community fish due to its small size and rather timid nature. It will do best when maintained alone or with other diminutive species such as Microdevario, Sundadanio, Danionella, Eirmotus, Trigonostigma, pygmy Corydoras and small Loricariids such as Otocinclus.It also makes an ideal companion for shy anabantoids such as Sphaerichthys, Parosphromenus or the more diminutive Betta species,and in a planted set-up can be housed alongside freshwater shrimp of the qenera Caridina and Neocaridina.It’s a schooling species by nature and really should be kept in a group of at least 8-10 specimens. Maintaining it in decent numbers will not only make the fish less nervous but will result in a more effective, natural-looking display. Males will also display their best colours and some interesting behaviour as they compete with one other for female attention.



What's in the box ?
1 x Maculata Rasbora Fish

Size ?
2 (cm)



1. As with all aquatic invertebrates, it is important to make sure copper does not get into the aquarium. Copper is toxic to all Dwarf Shrimp. Many medications contain elevated levels of copper, so it is recommended not to medicate an aquarium containing Dwarf Shrimp.
2. One of the most important aspects of shrimp keeping is Acclimatization of new shrimps, this is a must and should be done properly.
3. We transport all our live stock via Train/Bus/Air, so contact us which one would you prefer. We prefer sending by train because of the cheap shipping charges and ease of shipping, the shipping charges are calculated that of train by default. To recevie the parcel you will have to go to your railway station's "incoming parcel office".
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5.All our live stock are Quarantined.


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