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Albino Glow Light Tetra Fiah

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Short Description

Glow Light Tetra Fish



Name  Albino Glow Light Tetra Fiah
Scientific  Name  Hemigrammus erythrozonus
Temperature  22 - 26°C 
PH range  5 - 7
Diet  Omnivorous
Habitat  Fully Aquatic
Temperament  Pieceful
Max Size  2.0" inches


Discription :
Tetras are the toothed fish and they got their name “Tetra” from the unique shape of their teeth. Tetra respond nicely to good nutrition and clean environment, so with Proper Care of Tetra Fish, they can live for 5-10 years. Keep on reading the details here to get all the information about Tetra fish care that you should know to keep your Tetra fish healthy and vibrant.


Breeding Behavior And Pairing :
In the wild rivers, tetras breed in the rainy season when the weather is wet with the consistent rainfall, but when they adapt themselves in an aquarium, they can multiply throughout the year due to controlled temperature and moisture conditions. Some species of female Tetras become active for reproduction at the age of 9-12 months. But in some larger species, the active age of breeding starts between 1.5 to 2 years.To get success in breeding tetras, separate male and female Tetras must be kept in the same tank but in separate sections created by a clear partition between them for about two to three weeks, so that they can see their partners and get ready for the future mating and subsequent parenthood. You can differentiate between male and female tetras by their physical appearance. Males are usually slimmer and more colorful than females and females are plumper and rounder because of the build-up of eggs in their body.


Best Food And Diet :
For a healthy and colorful school of Tetra fish it is recommended to feed them with a good mixture of packed, frozen and live foods. Tetras would grow amazingly with a good variation of flakes or fine granules, and gives them those bright colors for which these fish are so admired. You can also keep a small feeder cone filled with live or frozen Bloodworms, and sit back to see how they enjoy this treat.



Feeding Tetra :
Tetra fish catch their feed from water surface. Tetra fish prefer to live in the tank’s middle area, they will ignore any food lying at the bottom of the tank. So, it is better to feed them frequently with the amount they will eat in less than 3 minutes, so that they finish up the food immediately. If you feed them large quantities, they will not be able to finish it and food will settle down at the tank bottom increasing the biomass. If a proper filter is missing in such tanks, it will lead to infection and illness in Tetra fish.


Lifespan :
The lifespan of tetras is on average between 5-10 years. Smaller the Tetraa shorter is its lifespan . An interesting fact is that if a fish lay eggs it lives a longer life in compsarison to  others who do not.



What's in the box ?
1 x Albino Glow Light Tetra Fiah


Size ?
1'' (inches)



1. As with all aquatic invertebrates, it is important to make sure copper does not get into the aquarium. Copper is toxic to all Dwarf Shrimp. Many medications contain elevated levels of copper, so it is recommended not to medicate an aquarium containing Dwarf Shrimp.
2. One of the most important aspects of shrimp keeping is Acclimatization of new shrimps, this is a must and should be done properly.
3. We transport all our live stock via Train/Bus/Air, so contact us which one would you prefer. We prefer sending by train because of the cheap shipping charges and ease of shipping, the shipping charges are calculated that of train by default. To recevie the parcel you will have to go to your railway station's "incoming parcel office".
4.The Risk of transportation is borne by the client, we will send you complete picture of packing and delivery of your package.
5.All our live stock are Quarantined



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