How to Install and Bend Aquario Neo Co2 Extend Special Diffuser Perfectly

The most easy way to bend your Aquario Neo Co2 Extend Special Diffuser without any bubbles or trouble.

Things you will need:

  1. Neo Diffuser Extend Special
  2. Hot Air Gun
  3. Gloves


Step 1 - Place the hot air gun in vertical position and switch it on in medium power.

Step 2 - Insert the rubber cord into the diffuser tube

Step 3 - Place the diffuser with tubing about 2 inches above the working hot air gun,

and keep turning the diffuser in circles to evenly heat the surface point from all sides.

Step 4 - Place it against the glass bend and adjust the bend until cool.

(Note: Watch the diffuser direction, towards which side you want to face it )

Final result. Neo diffuser with two extra U bends. Enjoy !

(Insert the rubber cord into the trial tube (x2) and get hands on experience )

DO NOT forget to measure the tubing at which you want to bend your Neo Diffuser, you can do this with a temporary marker


 - Kshitij Gupta

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