Aquatic Life RO Buddie 4 Stage 0 TDS RO/DI

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Matt (from

The unit came in and was easy to assemble. It has been running great for the past few weeks and was a very affordable option in an expensive product category. The TDS has been 0 making it ideal for remineralizing and use in my home aquariums.

Taylor Grant (from

May have taken years off drinking tap and buying Poland springs but my children will add years to their lives bet ya that water taste much better and this filter is great!

Marc R. (from

Bought this to make water for my small 15 gallon aquarium. Water consistently measures 0 ppm TDS. It’s dong its job. I have it figured that it takes about 35 minutes to filter a gallon of water. I put the jug in my sink and set a timer. 👍🏻

Mrn (from

easy to use once set up. My tank water is exatly as it needs to be . great for anyone who wants to take care of ther fish tank correctly. happy with price as well

James (from

I was looking for a decent RO system at a reasonable price to help top off my aquarium and get low TDS water for my carnivorous plants. I had never used an RO system before so I was surprised at the amount of waste water this thing produces. For every gallon it filters, I get at least a gallon of waste water. Had I known that, I might have just stuck with a Zero Water filter.When this says that it does 50 gallons per day, think of that as it does 2 gallons an hour. this is pretty slow to fill up my 2.5 gallon water cubes, but planning ahead makes that a nonissue. Trying with and without the deionizing filter does not make a difference. The water does still come out very low TDS without the DI filter, so I might leave that off once it goes bad.Assembly and installation was very simple. There are tubes that connect everything and the filters are all labeled nicely, so it is easy to tell where they go. This will screw right onto my deep sink faucet using the provided adaptor. But, it did seem like a gasket was missing for the adaptor. I had some for my garden hose repair kit that I was able to use to seal it up.

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