Aquatic Life Smart Buddie Booster Pump 50/100 GPD

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Earthhouse420 (from
Water savings

Simple set up. Reduced water waste from 6:1, to 2:1.RO Buddie, 50gpd filters.

Steven M Burrows (from
A Quality Pump System

I bought this booster pump to pair with my 50 gpd RO Buddie unit. Previous to hooking up the booster pump, I made approximately 30 gallons of water using the RO Buddie, alone, using our 32 psi 350 TDS household water supply. It made 5-gals of low TDS RO water in approximately 2-1/2 to 3 hours by itself. I was interested in increasing my RO output and purchased to booster pump.The booster pump was well packed, easy to setup and install (watching online videos and diagrams helped prep me). All the parts necessary for setup were included - no broken or missing parts. It took me a little over an hour to accomplish the setup and install. I am not that spatially oriented, so a "normal" person could probably do it in 30-45 minutes. LOL!After install, i made 5-gals of 2 mg/L RO water in a little over an hour. Input water supply TDS was approximately 350 mg/L (mainly from limestone). The booster pump increased the 32 psi household water pressure to approximately 78 psi at the RO membrane input line. Household water supply temperature was approximately 55 deg F during testing (winter conditions).I am very satisfied with the RO Buddie Smart Booster Pump. It is easy to setup and install and has many unique features which make it a bargain for any budget. It is also quiet as a mouse in operation. Thank you AQUATICLIFE! Great Product!

Zack Phasomsap (from
Easy to use

From 20 psi to 90 psi. Save a lot of waste water and easy to install.

Mahlon (from
Several years going and still going strong

Been using it for 3 years now and love it. Still going strong. Useful for a huge amount of reasons but especially for more efficient production or usable RO in comparison to wastewater, and the ability to use a smart plug to automate it to a degree, and more. The cleaning it does helps a ton with the membrane, and I can't recommend this highly enough.

Elton j McKinley (from
1 year review, 832 gallons later

I have used this in my rodi system for my saltwater reef tanks paired with a Aquaticlife 100gpd 4 stage rodi filter. Its been a few days over a year now and ive been using it to make 14-20 gallons of filtered water every week for water changes so on average my ro Buddie booster pump has made about 832 gallons since I bought it and its still running strong. I haven't had to replace anything yet nor have i had any leaks.

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