Chihiros C II RGB

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ADKGlobetrotter (from
Not worth it.

A year and a half after buying this product, the some of the lights seemed to go out and now my tank is only yellow. The light itself doesn't stay level, and the Bluetooth connection with all of my Chihiros products are horrible and finicky. Not a fan that I spent so much money only to need to replace it so quickly and have issues with the Bluetooth from the start. Two stars feels like it might be too generous of a rating.

Brandon (from
Died after less than 8 months

Seemed fine for a while. My plants didn’t thrive, but I assumed I had not set up the light spectrum correctly or something. The app is decent, but it’s annoying having to have one at all just to set up a light. After less than 8 months, the only lights that work are the red ones, it happened randomly a few days ago for no apparent reason. I attempted to reach out to the company and have not received a reply and doubt I’ll ever get any kind of refund for it. Total waste of money. Also worth noting that the stand that goes with it with is pretty useless-they literally want you to rely on a thin rubber band (like the kind people use on braces) to keep the EXTREMELY heavy light (another complaint) in place on the rod it’s set to. The instructional videos have parts not included in the seabed, so they’re useless. My husband ended up having to build me a solution that worked for mounting it from the clamp that came on an old Finnex light. Overall extremely disappointed and wouldn’t recommend anyone bother with this company.

HJ (from

Even though I had done my researches prior to buying this specific light I am still very convinced by the quality of the product. The app has received a big update which makes the controls a lot easier than previously. You can individualize the RGB setting as described and even my red plants are growing great.In addition to this there was an issue with my light, but the customer service was very quick to act and send me a replacement unit which then worked perfectly.In summary: five stars for the light itself, five stars for the customer service and 4 stars for the app, but this could easily become updated in the future.

Meemster (from
The app SUCKS

The light itself is good quality and very bright. The huge hang up here is that the app is so annoying to use you almost don’t even want to bother messing with it. The connectivity drops out, the UI is unintuitive, it’s hard to fine tune the schedule times. Put some work into this app, manufacturer!!

Vladut Cristian Anghel (from


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