Chihiros Shades WRGB II SLIM & WRGB II with MIRROR

Size: 30 cm
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Kemal T.
Don’t look any further, one stop shop for all your aquarium needs.

I recently came across the store; it is a one-stop shop for all professional-level aquatic product needs.

Great part from China.

This is what aquarium lighting should look like. Very bright, sits perfectly on my nano cube. Control with app in English. It's relatively easy to use. This is what aquarium lighting should look like today.

Sarath C.
Nice product

Good one. I bought it because my sofa and tank is next to each other. So it hits on my eyes when i watch movie. Now it serves the purpose and more light hitting in to the tank.

M. Hettich
Nice light

I bought this light to compare it with the fluval plant 3.0. I have the fluval on a flex 15 that I've heavily modified and the chihiros is on a 14 gallon cube tank.

Both seem to provide similar brightness. The chihiros has a "whiter" profile which makes reds stand out nicely. The fluval is generally more "yellow". Both seem to be growing plants nicely.

The apps are similar. Chihiros has slightly less Bluetooth range, but a bit more options for editing the profile and some nice presets. The fluval is a bit more intuitive.

Overall, I like both lights, but the chihiros was a bit cheaper. Will update this if I see any difference in plant growth between the two.

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