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Amazon Customer
I would be 6 stars if I would receive the color I ordered

Thi is the best light on the market for aquascape!
All the color of plants and fish looks like 200% saturation in comparison to anything else. I have ADA on two off my other tanks and I'm thinking to switch them to those because my supposed budget tank looks better than my ADAs

faulty bluetooth module renders light useless

I have a lot of chihiros lights and tried a few of their other products like the doser. The non ventilated lights are holding up well so far but the Vivid series has a known failure point; its bluetooth module. once it fails the light becomes useless and good luck with the chihiros customer service. they take weeks to respond and at some point simply stop responding. when you go on their website all their products are very well reviewed. that's because they only publish good reviews (my negative dosing unit review was never published). unfortunately, being a chinese company with no abroad presence they don't seem to understand that customer service is equally important as the products themselves.

Hanna K.
Beautiful light

Works great, really powerful and beautiful light. Needs shades! The app is easy to use, but one must remember to enable both location and bluetooth for the app to find the light.

polina b.
Super lamp

A very high quality lamp, the colors are bright and saturated, you can make settings through the program. It’s very blinding, it’s better to buy protective curtains along with it

Dariusz A.
Superb light!

I have 160x60x60cm aquarium from Denmark (aquastabil move) with 3 light system that was very esthetic. Nevertheless I couldn’t get my plats to grow beautifully, so I thought it’s time for one more light from Denmark… but I did my research and I bought 2 of Chihiros lamps and wooooow, everything looks amazing… my plants is growing nicely almost no algae and even my fish looks better. So I definitely recommend those, but don’t forget to order shades too!

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