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kcheakchea (from
So far so good!

Coming from a UNS titan one. It was a beautiful light. However the issue was there was no control with the light. Can't program it or dim it. The light was at it's brightest whether you liked it or not. This resulted in 20+ fish jumping out because the light was so intense it was like a camera flash. On top of that, they dont make lamp shades for the light! The Chihiros light solves all those issues. I have full control of the light. I can ramp the light up or down so it doesnt spook the fish. Also, I have the lamp shade option! The only issue is that there was no way to preview your light setting on the app. It's not a big deal, im sure chihiros will update the app soon. Also the light was much wider so there were no shadows on my 60u hoping the dimming option solves my algae issues since the titan one was insanely bright. Overall I am satisfied with the tank. I read other reviews of quality control. Everything seemed well assembled in the package for me had no issues with installation.

Jim P (from
Very poor quality control. Defective from the factor

I’m not one to write reviews, but for the amount of money I spent I’m pretty annoyed at the fact this light came defective from the factory.There are two threaded posts on the top of the light which allow you to attach the included hardware in order to hang the light. One of the threaded posts was much smaller then the other and the included hardware did not fit on the smaller threaded post. The hardware just slide over the threads.It’s very evident the person putting this light together used a threaded post that was to small.Poor quality control. This issue should have been caught before the light left the factory.Edit: The seller (not the manufacturer) contacted me and was very concerned with the issue. They were going to notify the manufacturer about the issue. I appreciate the effort by the seller.Updated to 5 stars due to the great customer service from the seller. FzoneEDIT: 5/22/2022This light after two months developed a problem where the red LED doesn’t fully shut off. I went back and forth with the seller for a week being told to reset my program. None of this worked. All lighting values were set to zero and the red led stayed on. The only way to get the red led to turn off was to unplug it. This is my second light with a manufacturer defect. Now it’s on my dime to send this light to the seller so they “check it”. Meanwhile I do not have a second light for my aquarium and no time table on a return.It appears after two manufacturer defects on two of these that they are poor quality for the price point.EDIT 7/19/2022:Okay, this things garbage. Avoid it at all costs. This is my second vivid 2 and I’m having the same problem, but instead of red it’s all different colors staying lit on the light. All lighting values are at 0 in the app, but yet the light is still dimly lit. Trying to fix the problem with the company is like pulling teeth and in the end you’ll be blamed for the issue, being told to buy a new one.Poor product. Spend your money elsewhere.

t. mcmahon jr. (from
Great lights but not without issues.

The actual light spectrum and ouput of these lights is great but I wish I hadn’t have bought them due to poor quality control and customer support. I purchased two Vivid 2’s for my planted freshwater 150 gallon tank and one has performed flawlessly while the other has issues. Right out of the box one of the lights wouldn’t adhere to the programmed light schedule and after getting a new WiFi card that issue was solved. Now that the light was working properly I noticed it had a loud fan noise that could be heard 20’ away, the other light is silent. I put some silicone lubricant on the noisy fan that solved the issue for about two weeks and the noise is back. The Chihiros representatives response was “ this is normal”. It’s normal for one light to be silent the other to be heard across the room? Maybe that’s normal, but it’s also unacceptable if you ask me.Like I said the one light is perfect but at this price do you want to risk getting a noisy one? I sure wouldn’t. There are plenty of other dimmable RGB lights that don’t have fans and I’d highly recommend one of them over risking adding noise to your living room environment.Last update: the lights have failed multiple times and customer warranty service is poor. I’ve ordered new and different lights that I’m much happier with. The Vivid II’s had great potential but quality control issues make them well below average.

ChinaChina (from
Best light I’ve owned bar none!!

Product works as advertised!! It came with a rattling sound that turned out to be just a loose screw and was an easy fix. I would and probably will buy again. Colors truly are very vivid!!

Antonio Sierra (from
quality of light for the planted aquarium

sleek design and programmable light spectrum

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