Classic Cartridge 10 IN Mixed Bed Resin

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JMH (from
Save the mess

Save the mess versus bulk DI resin. I've done it both ways and using bulk DI resin and refillable canisters is the most economical but of course it is also more time consuming and messy. For just a bit more $ you can avoid the work and mess. For me this makes sense as I only use about 4 canisters per year so the cost difference is certainly negligible.

david mullins (from

Nice universal filter cartridge. Will buy again.

JP OrganicsJP Organics (from
Lowers TDS on water and Raise the PH a little.

I like this filter because it fits a regular 10” cartridge filter. The input side of the filter has no rubber seal where water enters the button side, and the outlet side of the filter, after being filtered, has rubber seals and seals against the cap.

Suzanna Lynn Henry (from
Does NOT remove silicates nor does it lower TDS.

I bought this bc I have high silicates in my water and am having problems with diatoms in my aquarium. I did many hours of research on how to reduce or remove silicates and this filter is what I ended up buying. However, when I run water thru it and then test the water, the silicates are the same as my tap water and the TDS actually got higher. Don't waste your money.

John P (from
Not worth the money

ONE car wash (Challenger) and 75% of the filter turned tan. Meaning, its reached its lifespan and is now garbage.

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