EHEIM Automatic Feeding Unit

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Gardening Gal (from
Long lasting reliable fish feeder

I purchased this eheim fish feeder in 2012. It’s still feeding the fish. The digital display just gave out ( may 2024) but the feeder still dispenses the food at the rate and time it was set to.

GaryS (from
Great product

It's one of those things you ask yourself; why didn't I think of it sooner?

Bethany Roberts (from
Easy setup once you know what to do

I've seen many people comment/review that this automatic feeder is hard to configure. It's about as hard to configure as a thermostat - once you know what you're doing, it's not that difficult. There are many youtube videos out there that provide a decent walkthrough, but even then, the provided instructions are well written.Depending on what you're feeding your fish, the sliding "portion" door thingy can be good or bad. If you have, say, 1mm pellets, it'll dump a whole bunch out if you're not careful. I highly recommend testing how much food gets dispensed before you leave it with your fish and walk away. It took me maybe 5-10 minutes to get my food blend to dispense the amount I wanted.I would also suggest setting it to go off at a time you know you'll be able to see/hear it dispense for the first few times. I'm a paranoid person, so I had mine running about 2 weeks before I really needed it, just to make sure portions were right and that the device did actually work.I have a glass lid, and sometimes the motor that turns the housing would cause such a vibration that the entire product would move, even with the weight and grips on the device. I have not tried the velcro it comes with, but I used some anti-slip mesh cloth to assist with it, and that worked well (for example, I was gone for 5 days and the device rotated slightly, but not enough to make a mess or no longer feed my fish).I can't say too much on the battery life at this point, but it's been running roughly a month on its own just fine.

Alfredo Contreras Santacruz (from
Funciona muy muy bien

Cumple con lo prometido después de tres años de uso

Roberto (from

Watch a video on how to program the feedings. Once set it has proven to be extremely reliable.

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