Eheim Classic Canister Filter

Model: Eheim 150/2211
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Me (from
Good Filter

I like Eheim brand products. I have 2 other canister filters from them running my 350 gallon. I bought this on for my 35 gallon. Keeps water very clean. Love Eheim products. No issues.

Brad (from
Debating on returning

It hasn’t been a month since I’ve set this up and even on a 10 gallon, it doesn’t seem to have enough flow. It’s rated for 40 gallons which is crazy to me. I’ve already cleaned it once and it wasn’t even dirt. I’ve cut the tubes down thinking there was just two much there to push and still not enough. Going to do some more tweaking and decide from there if it’s worth it

ADNAN (from
good product

good product

michael (from
very easy to set up

Wow I am really surprised at how easy this canister filter was to set up, and it doesn't feel cheap. I really like the how simple the design is "classic" I really like the media basket on this EHEIM canister as well.

Reviewer (from
Simple but works

I cut up a piece of multilayer filter material and put that behind the coarse filter, then the dense filter floss behind it, then stuffed a bunch of scrub pads in for biological space. It’s filtering great so far. I need to cut 3” off the inlet tube so it fits right in my 10 gallon, but otherwise it’s perfect.

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