Eheim Jager Heater

Model (Wattage): Jager Heater100 Watt
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Amazon Customer (from
They don't last long.

They don't last long before moisture gets inside. They die pretty quick after.

Isaac (from
Missing a suction cup

Very annoyed this product only came with 1 suction cup. Not sure if it was a return or something but now I gotta hunt down a suction cup to use for the product.

Dylan (from
This works as described!

I didn't expect this came in work so well!

Ralph V (from
The standard of the industry

I bought this unit to replace an electronic one that failed after only one year and was out of warranty. This unit works great holds the temperature perfectly and is a quality product with a extra long cord and shatterproof glass

Phil Kupersavage (from

This is the worse heater I have ever used. Bought it because it gets good rating and it's an Eheim, which makes great filters, some of the best. But this is just junk. It does not keep a steady temp, no matter how many times you readjust the calibration lever on the top, the heater still heats to a diff temp You basically have to adjust the dial, wait for the tank to heat up and watch a separate thermomemter to make sure you dont cook your fish. Once you get a "feel" for the temp it wants to stop at, you then need to readjust the dial to the temp you wanted. This will take some expirementing to get it to the red arrow on the temp that you actually want - note that if you want 75, the dial will need to be somewhere between 77 and 74, and you will nedd to figure out where exactly netween them is 75. GOOD LUCK! Once you figure this out, the unit works mostly as intened as it will usually only go about 1 to 1.5 degrees over you desired temp before it shuts off.

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