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Kindle Customer (from
It's great on an FX6 BUT WHY IS IT GREY

Pro tip- with the help of our best buddy, Mister Hacksaw, you can connect this to part of the intake tube that is attached to the Fluval FX6 cannister filter. That intake is too long for a smaller tank, and it also doesn't filter out sand, which can damage the impeller of a cannister filter, and make it really noisy to boot.Why did I give it 4 stars, then?EHEIM WHY DID YOU MAKE IT GREY??? Look at it! It's so ugly! It sticks out like a sore thumb! If it were black, it'd blend in to the background way better, like the other stuff, but no. No, you had to make it GREY. Don't do that! Why would you do that? It's so ugly!I am going to have to plant a bunch of tall plants in a ring around it (obviously this tank doesn't have it's hardscape finished, and maybe not so obviously, it's gonna be a planted tank,) close enough to hopefully hide it, and far enough away that the leaves will hopefully not get plastered to the intake.But yeah, it'll save your cannister. It will just look really ugly doing it.

JDW (from
Buy this now

As an owner of a large red eared slider, HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?This should be a required purchase for all turtle owners. Just upgraded from a fluval 305 in a 75 gallon to an FX6, this pre filter, and the eheim skimmer. What have I been doing with my life? I’m going to to clean the FX6 like once or twice a year. Honestly why didn’t I think of something like this? Why did I go so many years letting my filter get clogged with all variety of large detritus that could easily have been caught by this thing.Buy it now.

Patrick C (from
great prefilter

Works great at keeping my shrimp/loaches out of the canister filter. One kuhli loach would always find his way into the canister, not anymore!Only downside is it can clog & slow the flow going though the canister filter, when doing water changes be sure to remember & clean these prefilters.

William S. Abate (from
A must have for fry tanks

An awesome prefilter, and necessary for fry tanks.

Raad D. (from
Didn't work as expected

Well i have tried it with my Eheim 450e Canister, Unfortunately, the suction power weakened and there was a discrepancy in the filter readings, and it is hard to clean it each time when i change water, especially because it is placed next to the gravel.

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