Neo Co2 Refill Kit Pack

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B. Law (from
Could have better instructions but it works well for a 5 gallon tank

I like this, before this I kept buying those Fluval 3.35oz canisters and they are expensive. But my plants needs it to stay alive, so what can I do? Well till I found this product. At first I am not confident with it since I am a noob, but following the instructions, it worked well. It would be great if they would tell you to like "cover up quickly after dumping the refills in" or "Avoid opening cap or all gas will disperse" and "it will take x amount of hours for CO2 bubbles to show up in tank".Its just small things for a noob for me BUT even with those things, it still ultimately worked for me and it working great so far. I have it going for a week now, initially, and its probably due to me opening the cap after I dump the refill in without knowing I need to move fast, but it took like a whole 24 hours before I saw bubbles in my tank, but after that, its going strong.The initial kit DOES give you extra refill packets, so its not like you need refills right away.Again it really depends on how big your tank is, I only have a 5 gallon tank, and its working great for me, the diffuser works great too.

OneTwoFourNine (from
Barely been 2 weeks and it's already almost gone, this does not last the listed 50 to 60 days

Barely been 2 weeks and it's already almost gone, this does not last the listed 50 to 60 days

Amazon Cutstomer (from
Setup went ok and working well

Update:Been using it for a couple of weeks now. On the 2nd day, it seemed like it stopped working but on day 3 it was working again but at a lower level. Seems like it takes a day or two to find an equilibrium level.It works, it's simple.In my 15-gallon tank, it puts in just enough c02 to turn the drop checker almost "green". It's seems to be slowing down and I don't know if that because the weather is getting cooler or the mix is getting weaker, or both.MY easy-to-grow plants are growing aggressively and not a hint of algae even though I've bumped up my lighting and fertsOnce the included refill packs are gone I won't be replacing it, I'll be getting something else with a regulator.Still 4 stars. Simple and works as expected but is limited in application.== original review ==I got this kit because I could not decide how deep down the C02 hole (cost) I wanted to go.Setup: Fluval Flex 15 with Fluval Nano light and a corner sponge filter to go with the stock Fluval Flex filter.I followed the instructions on the box. The main difference between the box and online instructions is the temperature of the water used to create the Gel and the mix. Both in creating the gel and the mix I used the hotter temperatures on the box. The only thing I did that was not on the box was I soaked the diffuser before putting it in the tank. I saw that online somewhere so I chose to do it while I got everything ready.Everything went according to instructions. The gel was completely set up after 24hrs. (online instructions said to check by turning over the bottle and if there was any water to check again after an hour).I switched out to some nicer silicone tubing I had lying around. I put the diffuser in my tank and about an hour later a very nice stream of bubbles. Along with the kit I bought a smart power strip and set my sponge filter to shut off during the day and on at night to prevent a build-up of C02. Not sure I needed to do that but that is what I did.If this does nothing or does great I'll update this review.I took a star off because it's expensive for a bottle of goo. For the same price, you can get a 2-bottle DIY kit with a valve to control the amount of C02.

Kevin Brislawn (from
C02 generator

Work's well and the bottle is tough.The bubbler is great

MadiMadi (from
I wanted it to work

I did everything step by step. When I added the biorefill and added the 200ml of water everything was going good. I had bubbles for maybe 15 minutes then they stopped. Then I noticed the water turned into jelly also! And idk what to do now. I can't do a restart because that water won't come out. I want to return it. This is ridiculous

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