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lance h. (from

I use it for aquarium plants.

sue2b (from
Raises Total Amonia

Using these tabs as directed in my bigger tanks (75 and 55gal) I saw no affect on amonia per API Master Test kit. Using these tabs in a 10, 5 and 3.5 gallon tank caused the API amonia test to read excessive amonia. Since the test kit measures Total Amonia (TAN), I have no way to tell if it's the very dangerous free amonia it's reading or the considerably less dangerous ionized amonia(amonium). Not sure if I should start the small tanks over, without these tabs or try and outlast the "tab induced amonia" with some seachem prime. If I knew what type of amonia is being read, I'd know what to do. By the way, water changes do not get rid of this amonia. I guess it's there until the tabs are exhausted or I start over.

BoothBrothers (from

Has a decent supply of Macros for a planted aquarium. The directions say to useway more than you should though. I followed the directions the first time using it and by the next morning it almost killed all my fish because it threw my water parameters off by a lot. So I tried using only used half what the bottle says to use and it seemed to be a lot better and didn't screw up my water quality.

Geoff Rezewski (from

Purchased product due to wanting to try something new. There were ZERO reviews so I will try to be as through as possible on this one.I just recieved package and took some snapshots. Since the post doesn't give the makeup of NPK. I TOOK A picture.I like the packaging it's watertight and came with a dessicant package in there which is niceOne thing I'm kinda sad about is as it's marketed as an "all in one" it only includes macro nutrients and not micro nutrients.Product overall weight is advertised as 90g however my scale came in at 93g with product weight being 75g. Which is fine. I poured it out and was pleasantly surprised to see not much was broken up into unusable dust. Tablet size variation seems to be alright however for those with OCD I would look elsewhere.(minus half a star because products of comparable price for weight would be more equal in size)Density is low to medium and I was able to hold with tweezers firmly without them breaking apart.As soon as the tablet hit the water it started to dissolve which is a bummer as it won't stay in substrate very long and will likely leach into water column.. (Minus 1 star for this) one thing I found weird is it suggest to place to a Depth of 5 cm however most people only keep 2-3cm of substrate in foreground plants.I snapped some before pics of my plants and will do a couple weekly updates on growth changes.. I use CO2 and liquid dosing of seachem products just wanted to add some more nutrients for explosive growth.. as I am having a potassium deficiency right now.

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