Sicce Shark PRO - Internal Filter

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rodrigo (from
Very good

Very quite and strong my fish love it

Heather A. (from
Magnets are very weak

I expected a lot better product from this company. Did research before buying and several hobbest raved about it. Magnets are very weak and I’ve seen better filtering from hang on side fillers for way cheaper. Filtration cube falls off if you barely touch it. It’s hard to get the thing to hang level. Now after having it for a month the magnets won’t hold it up anymore. I am Forced to have it resting on the substrate. Which renders the spray bar useless for added aeration to tank. Waste of money.

Nathan Avery (from
Good ideas, poor execution

I wanted to like this filter, but it was just too problematic. The magnets are much better than suction cups, however to keep the magnets from interfering with the impeller (I'm guessing), the pump housing is way too big. There is a ton of wasted empty space in there, and the rest of the filter is made huge to match. The spray bar is a cool feature, but it doesn't lock, so it is constantly sliding open and closed whenever you handle the pump. Mine was not silent and made a gurgling noise I could not fix.. probably air trapped in the massive housing. Overall, a nice mounting system with a clumsy, awkward filter attached to it.

Efstratios .A (from
Very nice filter

Is nice filter for no more than 40g tank it is easy to clean with the magnetic holder and no noise at all .It is now running for over a month with no cleaning at all is in a planted tank with 8 small fish

Emmanuel (from
Okay filter

Seemed like a good product, however parts get jammed on pretty quick and it doesn’t filter well

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