Sicce Syncra Silent 5.0 - 5000 L/H

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Dave A. (from
VERY loud!

I purchased this pump two weeks ago specifically because it was advertised as being quiet. In fact, they even use the word "silent" in the name of the pump and they have a little graphic of a speaker with a line through it on the packaging to further push the idea of how quiet it is supposed to be. I've kept aquariums for over 45 years, and this is without a doubt, the LOUDEST pump I have ever purchased. It was so loud in fact that after just two days I had to buy another pump from a different manufacturer because my fish were getting so stressed by the noise levels of the SICCE pump and also because you couldn't sit in the same room and quietly enjoy the aquarium. It moved water well, but otherwise it's totally unusable because of the extremely loud droning of the pump. The new pump is now installed (a Reef Octopus brand) and it is absolutely silent.

casey (from
Super silent

I installed in a Waterbox Infinia Frag 125, put the rubber feet on and used rubber suction cups around the outside to act as buffers or bumpers in case it touched the side, super silent, you never hear it! Had to close the intake to the lowest setting it’s so powerful, works great though!

jason walter (from
Stay Away

First pump ordered was missing parts. Second pump replacement just went out after two months.

Frank Hed (from
quite for it's size

For is size the pump is quite with low vibration, very good water movement. All these types of pumps produce heat but this is not too bad.

James Z. (from
Useful pump at an affordable price

These are a great pump at an affordable price. They lack the features of many of the higher-end pumps (digital controller box, random and other flow pattern options, etc.), but if you have those features covered such as by having random flow power heads in the tank, or if you just don't care about those features, then these pumps get the job done very well. They're running reliably in my sump tank, and I would buy them again no doubt.

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